A question for an answer

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Dr. Walter Boston, Jr.

Almost daily I am approached by a subscriber of the News Herald who comments on how &uot;In The Stillness&uot;, in some meaningful way, has helped them.

On occasion, the encounter goes beyond a brief comment to a question.

My heart is always overwhelmed with sincere joy to serve some precious person with an answer to their inquiry. I have witnessed tears, laughter, and even a positive change of persona after engaging in a brief moment of conversation.

There have even been testimonials of how advice and answers have brought change and hope to desperate situations.

What a blessing!

It is my mission to write articles that address real life situations.

Discovering and presenting answers and inspiration through the proven experiences of others and God’s Word, is the primary objective of these monthly columns.

While I fully acknowledge the value and effectiveness of monologue, dialogue is proven to be a powerful form of communication as well.

With this in mind, I have been given permission to enter into such a forum with you.

Next month, my version of &uot;In The Stillness&uot; will feature a segment

entitled, &uot;A question for an answer.&uot;

Here is how it will work.

Over the next three weeks, August 6-20, you may submit any question about life in general and I’ll respond with an answer.

We will carefully select a host of questions that reflect the majority and submit answers in our September segment.

You may forward your question in the following ways.

Write me:

Walter Boston, Jr., A question for an answer, P.O. Box 429, Ahoskie, NC. 27910 or email me at drboston@earthlink.net and entitle your email, &uot;A question for an answer.&uot;

Due to the volume of emails received; it is imperative to address your correspondence with, &uot;A question for an answer&uot; so that we may review it in a timely manner.

If your question is not specifically addressed in next month’s article, my staff will assist me in getting an answer to you via email or postal mail.

In the month of October, we will resume the regular format of &uot;In The Stillness.&uot;

It has been a tremendous pleasure serving you and look wholeheartedly to receiving your question in a few days.

Remember, &uot;When one teaches, two learn.&uot;

Let’s have fun.

God bless you!