Farewell Club LTD, you have entertained many

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This morning when I walked into the office and had chance to sit down, and go through my basket of things to do, I came across a press release that read, &uot;Club LTD, under new management.&uot;

After I finished reading the release, I started recalling some of the good memories that were accumalated at this establishment.

I also remember when it was the &uot;Backus Club&uot;, &uot;Ship Ahoy&uot; and so many more. But when Mr. Sam Ruffin assumed ownership, it remained Club LTD for so many years and those were good years. It was a place that you could go, have fun and not worry about a disturbance.

On holidays, especially Christmas and New Year’s, you would wonder how so many people managed to fit in there. On our Saturday trips uptown, you could hear people saying to each other, &uot;I will be at the LTD tonight&uot;. Living next door, I visited the LTD on many occasions and did have fun. I never had to worry about drama because I knew that Sam would be looking out for me. He was a good owner and neighbor.

In order to get in the club you had to be dressed appropiately and of legal age. Many people didn’t understand the policy concerning jeans, but they were the rules.

To my daughter and niece, Sam was almost like a grandfather. He came to own the club when they were toddlers.

You could bet, every Saturday night the LTD would be jumping. That was the place to go.

When my daughter and my sister’s daughter were teenagers, they would observe the busy club on some nights and could hardly wait until they were of legal age to attend. They would wish outloud, &uot;I’ll be glad when I can go to the LTD and party.&uot;

When they were of legal age, their wishes finally came true and they attended and had fun.

I can remember people attending from Virginia and all sorts of other areas. If you were home for the holidays and wanted a place to go, LTD was that place.

I can remember bus loads of people attending the LTD.

When I got married my reception was held at the LTD, that was a gift to us from Sam.

Everything was good and we had fun.

The last time I attended LTD was for my niece’s birthday party a couple of years ago.

I have remembered this club as LTD for so many years, it will always be LTD to me and probably to others. LTD you will always be LTD to me and more.