Woodland clean-up hailed as success

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 12, 2006

WOODLAND – Such was the success of Spring Cleanup Week, Woodland will be providing another in the fall.

During last week’s Board of Commissioners meeting, Maintenance Director Robbie Collier presented his final tallies for the Spring Cleanup costs and gave the final numbers of what kind of debris was hauled away by the maintenance staff.

According to Collier’s report, 100 tires, 12 batteries, a metal dumpster and a car were among the larger items disposed of during the week.

There were also 22.38 tons of plastic, paper and wood and 110 gallons of fuel.

The cost for the clean up included $951.16 for the paper, plastic and wood and $266 for the fuel. Also, there was $2,108.98 spent on labor bringing the total to $3,326.14.

Mayor Jay Jenkins commended Collier and his staff for their work during the clean up.

“I want to commend (the maintenance staff) for the extra effort and for getting this done in a timely manner,” Jenkins said. “The staff did an awesome job.”

The mayor also said the town could realistically subtract the cost for labor, as it would have been paid anyway. That would have brought the total down to $1,217.16.

Commissioner David Cooper asked if there was more or less spent during the clean up in 2005.

“There was more last year,” Collier said.

Jenkins said he believed the cost and the amounts would continue to decline as people were offered the opportunity to cleanup.

“If people know they don’t have to pile stuff in a shelter and we’ll help them, they’ll continue to clean up,” Jenkins said.

He then asked the board to consider having a fall clean up week to provide additional opportunities for the town.

Commissioner Joe Blythe suggested the second week in October and it was decided to make the Fall Cleanup Week in Woodland October 9-13.

More information on the cleanup will be available as the date approaches.