School Board rescinds resolution

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 10, 2006

JACKSON – Reconciliation is already beginning.

The Northampton County Board of Education will not be adopting a resolution to dispute funding from the Northampton County Commissioners.

&uot;There will be no resolution. There will be no remediation,&uot; Board of Education Chairwoman Catherine Moody said Thursday evening. &uot;We are in harmony and we will work together.&uot;

Moody said the school board began the process of a dispute resolution on the advice of Board Attorney Rod Malone. Malone indicated if the schools wanted to dispute funding, there was a limited time frame in which to do so.

Moody said her board never intended to go through mediation, but wanted to let the commissioners know of their concern about funding.

&uot;I know, and I believe our entire board knows, that the county commissioners and county manager will help us,&uot; Moody said.

The school board chair said she hoped the two boards would be able to set up a joint meeting in the future, but in the meantime Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathi Gibson and County Manager Wayne Jenkins would continue to work together &uot;to discuss budget changes.&uot;

The news from Moody was welcomed by Board of Commissioner Chairwoman Virginia D. Spruill (D-2nd).

&uot;That sounds very good to us,&uot; Spruill said. &uot;I’m glad they’ve come to that realization.&uot;

Spruill said she and other commissioners were disturbed by the intention to dispute funding that was adopted at Monday night’s school board meeting, but glad to see the two boards heading in the right direction.

&uot;We thought we were on a good plane and communicating well,&uot; Spruill said. &uot;To have a letter of that magnitude sent to us floored us.

&uot;I am glad they have clarified their position,&uot; she continued. &uot;We will receive their plans very well. We will continue to work with the school board to clarify any issues that may occur with education.&uot;

Spruill said she hoped the working group between the county commissioners and school board would continue to meet and explore any problems that exist and work toward resolutions.

Ste by a predetermined formula, Jenkins earmarked $3.8 million in local current expense funds for Northampton County Public Schools during FY 2006-2007.