Students explore career opportunities

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 16, 2006

COLERAIN – This past Friday, several local presenters from various occupational fields converged on Colerain Elementary School for &uot;Career Day.”

The presentation, tabbed &uot;Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s World&uot;, allowed the students to get up close and personal with a multitude of professionals who were on hand to demonstrate and inform the children about some of the occupations they could aspire to pursue as they grow up and prepare to become adults.

The highlight of the day was the arrival of a helicopter on the school’s playing field. The helicopter, piloted by CW II Stanley Dunston and W01 Joshua Chockley, is part of the &uot;Ray&uot; National Guard Detachment in Raleigh and is used to assist law enforcement in the prevention and detection of illegal drugs.

&uot;This chopper is used in the aerial surveillance of marijuana fields as well being instrumental in police stakeout situations,” Chockley said.

Principal Fannie G. Williams was enthused about the event.

&uot;We are so appreciative that these presenters and consultants took the time to come out today and help give the children some insight into their professional world,” she said.

Some of the highlights of the day were the demonstrations given by the Bertie County Fire & Rescue who had a fire truck and ambulance on hand for the students to explore. The Bertie Sheriff’s department had one of their furrier officers at the school, and that officer attracted a lot of the attention. Police canine &uot;Dakota,” a gorgeous Labrador, dazzled the students with his ball catching skills.

Members of the Bertie High School Cosmetology Department as well the Marching Falcons band also gave presentations in their respective areas of expertise. The band turned every classroom they performed in into an impromptu &uot;jam session&uot;, to the delight of both the students and faculty.

In the school’s gymnasium, Betty Cooper, a representative of Food Lion Stores, gave a presentation on cake decorating. Students at this station were challenged to write their names with the same tools that bake staff at the supermarkets use to personalize custom made cakes and pastries.

Willie Watson, counselor at Colerain Elementary, stated that the purpose of the event was to link the school and the community, both of whom are partners in creating the future leaders of tomorrow. Judging by the reactions of the students, the event was a resounding success.