Windsor approves plan

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 13, 2006

WINDSOR – The town of Windsor is focusing on a section of the municipality to become a Community Development Target Area.

At Thursday’s meeting of the Windsor Board of Commissioners, the town’s governing body designated an area between South Granville, Sterlingworth, Camden and Belmont streets for community development.

Interim Town Administrator David Overton said the move was necessary to help the town deal with several problems in the area including dilapidated structures and also to allow them to receive grants to help improve the area.

According to the resolution, the area is predominantly nonresidential and &uot;has been a vibrant part of the commercial life of the Windsor business community.&uot;

It further states that &uot;a significant number of nonresidential buildings in the above-described area are vacant, many of which are dilapidated and deteriorated and have become obsolescent due to age and repair.&uot;

The result has made the buildings unsafe and conducive to &uot;vagrancy and attractive to persons intent on criminal activity or other activities that would constitute a public nuisance.&uot;

The resolution goes on to state that &uot;the Board of Commissioners recognizes the above-described are in special need of revitalization for the benefit and welfare of its citizens.&uot;

According to Overton, the designation will allow the town to become more active in removing and/or renovating dilapidated structures in the area.

The move was made on a motion by Commissioner Wint Hale that was seconded by Commissioner Hoyt Cooper. It passed unanimously.

In other business, the board:

* agreed to support the Clean Water Bond Resolution;

* discussed zoning for special service homes;

* heard a report from Mayor Bob Spivey that the town has moved 48 junk vehicles since February; and

* approved the pursuit of an Enhancement Grant for downtown lighting.