This ‘n that

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Eagle has flown.

Congratulations to the Northeast Academy varsity football team!

I’ve been covering the Eagles for four years and this is the best football I’ve seen them play.

It’s obvious the players have bought into first-year head coach Collin Sneed’s game plan.

Northeast Academy football is fun again.

A new Eagle.

Congratulations also go to Sneed and his wife, Jennifer, on the birth of their first child.

Who’s fantasy team?

In Thadd’s last article he mentioned my fantasy NFL team was doing quite well.

Unfortunately I can’t take one ounce of credit since I haven’t looked at my roster.

I have a feeling that as soon as I start taking an active role, my I’ll become a member of the We Stink Division.

Throw the yellow flag.

I’m sure you’ve seen the headline about the father flagged for a late hit.

I wonder if the league is launching an investigation to see if the man’s birth certificate was altered to allow him entry into the league (see Danny Almonte).

Freezer dome.

Lambeau Field is getting colder each time the Packers fail to score.

I’m a Packer fan, but Brett and Company have to step up if Brett plans to retire on top.

Right now he’s on top of the loser’s column, not the way for a player of his caliber to go out.

Dance, Dance, Dance.

All time leading rusher Emmitt Smith is now showing his footwork on the dance floor.

The former Dallas Cowboy is a contestant on this season’s &uot;Dancing With the Stars.&uot;

He’s hoping to beat Jerry Rice’s second place finish last season.

If last night’s episode was any indication, he just may have a disco ball trophy to go with his Super Bowl trophy.

Armstrong and Co.

It seems like cycling has cornered the market on illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Perhaps we need another congressional hearing, since so many improvements came out after the hearing with Canseco and company.

Leinart expecting.

Bob Molinaro said it best in his column for the Virginia Beach Pilot. To paraphrase Molinaro, Leinart went to USC who’s mascot is the Trojan.

That’s one pass I bet Leinart wishes he hadn’t completed.

Star Punter?

A backup punter for the University of Northern Colorado was arrested for stabbing the starter in the leg.

What’s next, a battle for water boy?

Moore’s varsity dilemma.

A Moore County 4-A school was considering dropping varsity football because it only had 25 players.

It seems there were safety concerns because players would have to play both offense and defense and there were few substitutions.

Our eight-man football schools do that everyday and I don’t think Lawrence and Northeast plan to get out of the football business.

Beamer Ball.

Everyone knows I’m a Virginia Tech fan.

Head Coach Frank Beamer has instituted new rules this season.

Among them, for every personal foul a player commits, he will run 100 yards per yard lost on the penalty and forfeit a portion of his bowl check.

Chuck Amato may want to look at adding that rule.

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