Clean up starts today

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 22, 2006

WOODLAND – It’s time to clean up and clean out.

Citizens of the town of Woodland can begin ridding themselves of white and brown goods next week and they can do it without any cost.

The annual Woodland Clean up Week is scheduled to begin May 1, but Mayor Jay Jenkins is hopeful that people will begin their annual cleanup starting today.

&uot;We are encouraging people to begin their cleanup this weekend and continue through next week,&uot; Jenkins said. &uot;The staff will begin cleaning the sidewalks on Monday, May 1, so the items to be taken away need to be out by then.&uot;

The town will be taking away all brown and white goods free of charge, allowing the citizens to rid themselves of such items as old refrigerators or stoves, tires and air conditioning units.

Jenkins said the week will be a good time for people to get rid of items they would normally have to pay to have taken away.

Those items include old cars that people do not know what to do with. These cars can be moved to the sidewalk or citizens can call the town to set up a time for them to be picked up.

The only requirement the town is putting on the clean up is that items be separated as much as possible. That includes separating tires into a group and making sure all chemicals such as oil are separated in one area.

The exception to the free cleanup is yard debris such as limbs and trees. Those items will be picked up if they are put out, but will be subject to normal charges.

&uot;The reason for that is because we could spend all week doing nothing but mulching limbs,&uot; Jenkins said.

The town will begin removing the items on May 1 and will continue through the week.

&uot;We encourage people to take this chance to clean up and improve the appearance of our town,&uot; Jenkins closed.

For more information about the cleanup week, call the town hall at 587-7161.