Windsor Board rejects sports bar

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 15, 2006

WINDSOR – No change was made Thursday in Windsor.

After a month delay, the Windsor Board of Commissioners denied a petition to allow a sports bar in a portion of the town zoned C-2.

Last month the Windsor Board of Commissioners referred a matter back to the planning board when Roger Acree, representing H.W. Spruill, requested to place a sports bar with the sale of beer and alcohol in the C-2 Highway Commercial District.

Acree said he did not believe the planning board listened to his request and insisted their minds were made up before he went into the room.

He returned to the Windsor Commissioners Monday after the planning board voted for a second time to deny his request.

During Thursday’s meeting, Acree said he was unable to attend the planning board’s second meeting due to the death of his mother, but said he hoped the Board could come to a conclusion anyway.

&uot;Do you think if we delayed this and sent it back to the planning board, you could change their minds,&uot; Commissioner Bob Brown asked. &uot;Very seldom in the 15 years I’ve served here have we gone against the planning board.&uot;

Acree said he thought some of the decisions made were because there was an existing restaurant next door, but that it had closed so he didn’t think that business would object any longer, but said he didn’t think there was much hope of changing the decision of the planning board.

&uot;The few residents I’ve talked to say we should go along with the planning board,&uot; Brown said. &uot;You are probably right, they probably won’t change their mind.

&uot;I’m not against new business, but we’ve got to go along with basically what the citizens want,&uot; he added. &uot;That’s why they elect us.&uot;

Acree asked if he changed to having a restaurant and sports bar if that would be acceptable.

Mayor Bob Spivey said that as long as the business met the qualifications of a sports bar, that would be acceptable, providing the town board approve their own requested change in C-2 later in the meeting.

&uot;I feel for you and what you’re trying to do,&uot; Brown said. &uot;I hope you can appreciate what we have to do.&uot;

With that, Brown made a motion to uphold the planning board’s denial of the request. Mayor Pro-Tempore Jimmy Hoggard offered a second and it passed without objection.

Later in the meeting, the board did approve changes in the C-2 district that allowed the restaurant, but deleted &uot;other commercial recreational facilities.&uot;