M’boro water bills on the move

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 13, 2006

MURFREESBORO – Paying your water bill in Murfreesboro should be easier in the near future.

Due to crowded conditions at town hall, an office is being constructed in the town’s public works building at 200 Sycamore Street.

“We are excited about this,” Mayor Lynn Johnson said. “This will be much more of a professional setting.”

“I will appreciate your patience,” Public Works Coordinator Gene Byrd said in reference to the move.

Byrd emphasized his department has a short period of time to finish the new office, but added it should make things easier for the citizens when they have questions about their water bill.

Byrd also stressed the large amount of work involved in reading water meters.

“We have to read about 1400 meters in two days,” Byrd said. “It is a monumental task and much more involved than most people realize.

“Bear with us and have faith,” Byrd added.