Northampton reviews recent regulations

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 6, 2006

JACKSON – One of the new housing regulations passed in January is under review.

The Northampton County Board of Commissioners gave consent Monday to allow County Manager Wayne Jenkins and other staff members to review a requirement for a 5/12 pitch roof that was passed in January.

Melissa Johnson, director of government affairs for the North Carolina Manufactured Housing Institute, appeared before the board to ask they reconsider the requirement.

Johnson said she came before the board at the request of several local manufactured housing businesses.

She showed slides offering photographic evidence of the difference in a standard 3/12 pitch roof and the newly required 5/12 pitch.

According to figures presented by Johnson, a standard manufactured home will cost Northampton County citizens $6,771.60 more because of the change in the pitch of the roof.

&uot;Citizens could potentially be a homeowner, but with the difference may not be able to,&uot; she said.

Johnson said she was urging the county to reconsider the roof pitch.

Commissioner James C. Boone (D-3rd) asked if Johnson could provide any information on longevity.

Johnson said she could not provide the information.

Commission Chairwoman Virginia D. Spruill (D-2nd) asked if any of those in the audience who sold homes could provide the information Boone sought.

Wayne Brown, who owns and operates Brown’s Mobile Homes in Northampton County, said he has been in the business for 28 years and had not seen problems with the 3/12 pitch roof. He said they generally lasted 20 years like all others.

Commissioner Fannie P. Greene (D-5th) said she made her decision based on being told there was a longer life span for a 5/12 pitch roof and would like further information on the differences.

Mike Miller of Sweetwater Homes in Weldon said he had more issues with the larger roofs because they couldn’t be carried on the road and had to have hinges put on them.

He said the roof was never as good because it left a weak place in it.

Spruill asked Jenkins to delve further into the matter and return to the board with a recommendation about whether or not they should rescind their earlier decision.