Cheers and jeers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 31, 2006

As usual, by the time I get back around to another sports column, there are about a dozen topics I want to discuss.

The best way to handle that is a cheers and jeers column, a slight change from my usual rant and rave pieces.

I’m going to move pretty fast today so try to keep up.

Cheers for all of us Carolina fans who celebrated Sunday’s basketball victory over top ranked Duke (of course now the top ranking belongs to my beloved Tarheels).

There are some that might think I wouldn’t enjoy a women’s triumph as much as I do a men’s but they would be mistaken.

A Carolina win is a great win.

That it was a win over Duke only adds to the excitement.

That’s another point for the Carlyle Cup (your not a true Carolina or Duke fan if you don’t know what that is) and another reason to trash talk our Sports Editor, Thadd White.

Jeers and a reminder to some of my fellow Tarheel faithful.

Be patient with this young men’s squad.

Some of us have been overcritical of such a young group of players.

There will be great games like the victories over Kentucky and the North Carolina A&M Farmers, but there will also be games like Boston College and Miami.

Their early success seems to have made many Carolina fans forget that we are starting four freshmen and although talented, they are at times (especially in the ACC) going to play like freshman.

Take comfort in the thought of this team entering tournament play next year.

They are going to be a tough squad to handle 12 months from now, especially with the added depth next year’s freshman are going to provide.

Cheers to the Chowan men’s basketball team.

After starting the season off with a less than satisfactory 3-8 record, Jim Tribbett’s squad has reeled off eight straight wins and remained unbeaten in 2006.

The improved play of freshman Jon Dyer and the instant offense of recent transfer Aaron Scott have upgraded this young squad.

Add that to the still improving play of Penny Hardaway playalike Trayvon Lathan and the Braves have become a tough squad to run with.

Even with all this talent, it is the effort of Chris Kenon and Montino Williams that has impressed me the most.

There are not a lot of shots to go around yet both of these young men have made the most of their time on the court.

They won’t win many awards but their contribution to this team has become invaluable.

If you haven’t seen this team play yet then you had better cancel your valentines plans.

Their last home game is February 14th against rival Newport News Apprentice, so if you’re a local hoops fan, it’s time to start coming up with a good excuse now.

Oh, I almost forgot that there is a football game this weekend.

I want the Steelers to win but the Seahawks have been playing the best football in the NFL as of late.

I give Pittsburgh the emotional edge but if Seattle can make it through the first quarter unscathed, then it is going to mean trouble for a certain former Wolfpack player.

We should be in for a pretty good Super Bowl either way.

And that’s without the commercials!

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