Let’s move forwards

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 21, 2006

R-C News-Herald Editorial

We don’t like it.

Changing the name of the Braves is something we aren’t pleased about.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) shouldn’t have the right to tell Chowan, the University of Illinois or anyone else what their nickname or mascot should be.

Those are institutions that have boards of trustees, presidents and athletic directors to make decisions on their own. We did not ask for, nor did we want an opinion from the NCAA.

If the Meherrin Indian tribe was upset about the Braves and picketing every Chowan College game the institution should take a long look at their mascot. That would be a local issue.

The NCAA, an organization known far and wide for its hypocrisy, reached the epitome of that state with this ruling. While saying they aren’t telling schools to change their mascot, they are banning their use in NCAA tournament play.

You can use the mascot &uot;Braves&uot; during an NCAA-sanctioned event in Murfreesboro, but you have to cover up the logo if you make the national playoffs. That is utter hypocrisy.

In fact, the NCAA is headquartered in Indianapolis – literally translated the city of the land of Indians.

Having said that, here we are.

The name &uot;Braves&uot; has received its death sentence. Chowan College will bear that name no more than one more year.

So, forward we go as Chowan College moves toward a new name with a new history.

Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Larry Frazier, Athletic Director Dennis Helsel and the rest of the committee has a difficult job, but one that can be immensely fun.

For our part, we spent the better part of an hour discussing the possibilities in the Roanoke-Chowan Publishing office Thursday afternoon.

Choosing the mascot that will follow the success Chowan College can have in the coming years will be a lot of fun. We can all be part of history.

While the &uot;Braves&uot; name has served Chowan College well through title after title in the junior college ranks, the history is less than stellar as a four-year school.

Chowan will make their splash with a new name as a four-year D-II school. While that may be sad to many, it is likely the only time in our lives we will be able to all help choose a college mascot.

Join in the fun.