Hold judges accountable

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tuesday, as I was surfing the channels on television, I came across a story about a judge in Vermont. He had sentenced a man to 60 days for molesting a six-year-old child over a four-year period.

Afterwards, there was an uproar over the judge’s decision. He said he felt the man should be rehabilitated instead of jailed.

Contrary to many statistical reports by medical professionals who say they (child molesters) cannot be rehabilitated, this judge decided differently. Now the state of Vermont is looking into the case, but only after a state and national cry of disbelief.

If there is anything that gets my blood boiling it is abuse of children and women. But if you have watched the news on television in the last year, you know many courts are failing to protect us. And these are the very people we look to for help. Consider these cases decided in the past:

A mother, charged with abducting her children, spent a year in jail and was ordered to pay a forty some thousand dollar fine while her husband, a convicted sex predator and sex offender, received custody of the children.

In Kansas, a woman lost custody of her daughter to the father. The judge ordered her to move back to Topeka to be near him for the sake of co-parenting. He is a man with multiple criminal convictions for violent behavior (battery, attempted battery, battery of a law enforcement officer, obstruction of the legal process, possession of marijuana and violation of open container law). He had also threatened to kill her and her child. Not only this, but the judge ordered the mother not to call the police anymore without the permission of her case manager.

In New York, a seven months pregnant mother of two and former “Mother of the Year” was sentenced to a month in jail for protesting the judge’s decision to allow her abusive ex-husband to move thousands of miles away with her children. Reports from a court-appointed investigator found that her ex-husband had physically, sexually and verbally abused her throughout the marriage and that she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result. Research reveals that men who abuse their mates are very likely to also abuse the children.

Right here in North Carolina (Mecklenburg County), the father of two children, a boy aged nine and a girl aged ten, denied charges of watching porn in bed with his children, contrary to proof otherwise. The judge left the custody of the children with the father. When the mother did not want to turn her children back over to their father’s unsupervised custody, the judge responded by throwing the mother in jail.

What more can I say? What has happened to justice in this country? I do not think all judges are as bad as these, but I think there are a good many across the land who do not deserve to be on the bench. They do not know how to dispense justice or do what is right. It is time we started checking a judge’s record before voting and get rid of the ones who pervert justice instead of upholding it.