Woodland Mayor assigns tasks

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 7, 2006

WOODLAND – Perhaps the best friend a new mayor can have is a good board.

First-term Woodland Mayor Jay Jenkins made it clear Thursday night he feels he has just that.

In making commissioner assignments for the upcoming term, Jenkins said the board was one which he believed could provide citizens with the service they deserve.

&uot;I feel good about these assignments,&uot; Jenkins insisted. &uot;I think many times, not just here in Woodland necessarily, but with several boards, commissioners are assigned to tasks where they do not have an interest or do not have capabilities.

&uot;I am the luckiest person in my position to have a strong board,&uot; he continued. &uot;There are people with expertise in certain areas which make this easier.&uot;

The mayor said he had talked individually to each commissioner to discuss their strengths.

Jenkins appointed Mayor Pro-Tempore Les Clark to be in charge of the Powell Bill funds for the town. The Powell Bill is the money the town receives from the state to take care of roads within the municipality.

&uot;Les Clark is extremely money-minded,&uot; Jenkins said. &uot;He is a hard worker and has done a good job with this in the past.&uot;

Jenkins said his discussions with Commissioner Joe Mitchell revealed strengths and interest in streets and sanitation.

&uot;We need someone with expertise to work with (Maintenance Director) Robbie Collier getting things done with streets,&uot; Jenkins said. &uot;I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Commissioner Mitchell’s willingness to serve in this area.&uot;

Commissioner David Cooper will oversee water and sewer. The owner and operator of Bryant and Lassiter Septic Tank Service is the perfect person to oversee that service, according to the mayor.

&uot;I can’t think of anyone who knows more about sewer than you,&uot; he said to Cooper. &uot;It makes sense to have Commissioner Cooper involved with this.&uot;

Commissioner Joe Blythe, who was absent from the meeting due to a recent illness, was assigned to be commissioner of Police, Fire and Rescue.

&uot;Who better than someone with 20-plus years of service in fire and rescue to handle this area,&uot; Jenkins asked. &uot;He is very excited about working in this area.&uot;

Jenkins said he would take over the grant area and would oversee administration, an area which had not been assigned recently.

In addition, Jenkins made the following committee assignments:

* Public Health and Safety – Commissioner Blythe, Mayor Jenkins;

* Christmas Committee – Commissioner Clark, Robbie Collier and Town Clerk Gail Colson;

* Hazard Mitigation – Mayor Jenkins, Collier and Police Chief Don Ryan; and

* Easter Parade – Commissioner Blythe, Colson.