Just the three of us, outside looking in

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ever have what is termed a mental lapse?

Yesterday I had a giant one. I had one granddaughter and was going to pick up another one. There were many errands to run before returning home.

I heard the car beep as my granddaughter unlocked the car doors and then I heard her shut the door when she got in. Since she usually takes the car keys when she does this I assumed she had my keys so I locked the door and got in the car.

&uot;Where are the keys?&uot; I asked. When she gave me a drop mouth look, I knew we were in trouble. I had an extra car key in my pocketbook, but no house key. So I decided to go on with what I had to do. When I picked up my other granddaughter, I borrowed a hammer and screwdriver from my son. I had one inside window I could get to that I thought I might be able to force open.

After completing my errand I returned home to try to get in. Could I have picked a colder day so far this year? As I worked on the window, my dog was inside crying, barking, jumping and having a fit. On the outside one of my granddaughters was trying all the doors. I guess she hoping I had had another mental lapse and left one door unlocked. How I wished she was right.

The other granddaughter switched between telling me her hands were turning blue and encouraging me by saying she thought she saw the window move a little bit. I worked until I knew I was not going to get in that window, which should give me some comfort. Hopefully anyone else wishing to enter would have the same trouble and with neighbors as close as they are they would be sure to be seen and heard.

I finally gave up and called for help. We sat in the car and warmed up while they were coming. We finally did get in the house and I had two happy grandchildren and a happy dog. Now I have a window I need to paint because I messed up the paint and I also have an inside door to paint because the dog was trying so hard to get us to let her out she scratched the paint off.

When we went out the door this morning to take my granddaughter to school, she reassured herself that I had the keys before we shut the door.

I guess I relearned what I should have remembered. You cannot assume anything. You do remember what they say about that word, right? I hope I do not forget this lesson again anytime soon. It is pretty frustrating to be able to look in your home and not be able to get in. I guess that was just another little blip in life. It could have been much worse. I was blessed to have someone who was willing to help me and was able to do the job.

Do you have any tales about your mental lapses? If you do please send me some and make me feel better about mine. E-mail me at sylvia.hughes@-cnews.com.