First for veteran School Board member

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 13, 2005

WINDSOR – There’s a first time for everything.

Now in his 15th year (fourth term) as a member of the Bertie County Board of Education, Seaton Fairless has experienced many highs and lows in the affairs of this public school system.

For now, he’ll experience what lies ahead from the lead chair on the board.

Last week, Fairless was the choice to serve as chairman of the Board of Education, a first during his long service to the county.

“I appreciate your confidence in me to lead this board,” Fairless said moments after the unanimous vote. “I also appreciate the years of service Gary (Cordon, former chairman) put in.”

Last week’s meeting was called to order by Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, Superintendent of the Bertie Public Schools system. She did so in order for the annual selection of board officials to take place.

Fairless was nominated by Ricky Freeman, a move seconded by Melinda Eure. No other nominations for chairman were made and Fairless was approved without objection.

After Fairless moved to the lead chair, he presided over the remainder of the meeting, one that included the appointment of the vice-chairman of the board.

Eure nominated Freeman while Gloria Lee placed Cordon’s name into consideration for the position.

“I appreciate that, but I decline,” Cordon said.

In turn, Cordon nominated Lee for the vice-chairman’s spot. However, Freeman carried the majority vote (3-1 in his favor).