Bertie studies junkyard moratorium

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 6, 2005

WINDSOR – In their meeting here Monday morning, the Bertie Board of Commissioners approved a public hearing in regards to possibly establishing a moratorium regarding the start-up of vehicle graveyards and/or junkyards in the county.

During her presentation before the Commissioners, Bertie Planning Director Traci White recommended to the Board that they establish at least a 60-day, perhaps longer, moratorium on new junkyards. When asked if the moratorium would apply to existing facilities, White said it would not.

&uot;However,&uot; White continued, &uot;the existing junkyards will have to be given the opportunity to meet the new ordinances we are currently in the process of completing for your approval.&uot;

White said it would take at least 60 days to complete the process of writing the new vehicle graveyards/junkyards ordinances and having them perused by the Bertie Planning Board from where they will forward to the Commissioners a recommendation to accept or deny the ordinances as written.

White said that by establishing a moratorium, new junkyards cannot locate within the county. When the moratorium is lifted, any new or existing vehicle graveyard/junkyard must adhere to the new ordinances, if so adopted.

The public hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 19 in the County Commissioners meeting room. At the close of the hearing, the Commissioners may or may not adopt a moratorium.

A vehicle graveyard is described as any establishment used for storing, keeping, buying and selling three or more wrecked, scraped, ruined, dismantled or inoperable motor vehicles.

Meanwhile, a junkyard is an establishment used for storage, keeping, buying or selling junk. Junk can range from scrap metals to paper, rubber and household trash.

The purpose of establishing ordinances dealing with vehicle graveyards/junkyards is based upon the idea that they are, without being regulated, detrimental to the dignity and aesthetic quality of the environment in Bertie County.