Where’s all my energy?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 1, 2005

Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done yet?

I heard on television that a big percentage of Americans got out the four days after Thanksgiving and did their shopping. They said they got the really great bargains, especially on the high-end items. I don’t know if that means those of us who haven’t shopped are going to need bigger pocketbooks when we go or what. It does make it sound as though we may not get any good bargains.

Usually I do my Christmas shopping early and miss the rush. I really don’t like to be in big crowds. This year I have picked up a few things, but not enough to even put a dent in my list.

I don’t seem to have much get up and go or much interest in shopping. I used to have boundless energy, but it seems to have disappeared somewhere and I don’t know where to find it. Did I leave it with the Thanksgiving dinner? Did the Grinch come during the night and steal it away? Did it leave with my birthday? I just don’t know.

At any rate, I like doing my shopping early. Then while others are rushing around, I can attend to wrapping my presents and cooking Christmas candies and other sweets without feeling pushed for time. It makes Christmas relaxed and enjoyable for me.

I will try to get my Christmas things out this week and look them over, maybe put some of them out. As I do I will remember what we are celebrating and see if my excitement and energy will return. It certainly should!

Even though it is not politically correct to say so anymore, Christmas has always been about the birth of Jesus. But each year that goes by, there is a bigger and bigger push to leave Christ out of the Christmas season. And not only the Christmas season, but all seasons. They say it is to keep from insulting others with different beliefs. But they want to put up their signs of Christmas beliefs while taking the Christian out. We have used the name of political correctness to take the rights of the majority (in all things) and give them to the few.

Not only that but many try to belittle you or make you feel less than human if you don’t agree with them and they harp on it forever. But it is not a fair trade when you are asked to give up your morals and beliefs for those of someone else. And that is what some expect. They have no respect for your beliefs if they are not in line with theirs.

Usually I don’t get political in my column because I am so sick and tired of political bickering I could regurgitate. I think it is time for everyone on both sides to leave it alone and get on with living. Every person in this country should have the right to vote the way they think is right and believe the way they choose without being condemned for it. Continuous day after day, year after year, politics is toooo much. There is more to life than politics after all.

Don’t know how that sneaked in, but now getting back to Christmas where I started. I am already getting some Christmas spirit just writing about it. I shall make my plans, decorate, take my list and go bravely out and shop.

Speaking of shopping, the very best Christmas shopping I ever did was years ago in Richmond. At that time, Richmond was as safe as your backyard and it was so beautiful. Most of the time I went at night. It would be cold and snow was usually falling as you walked along the buildings that seemed to reach to the sky. Policemen rode on horseback along the streets. The decorations were the most beautiful in the world and none better than at the old train station. They were all lit and the whole city seemed to glow. Christmas music floated from the stores as you walked. It was magic. It was like going back to another day and time when everything was calm and quiet.

Shopping in that atmosphere was such fun and your heart raced with the excitement and joy of Christmas. I wish for you and me that same happiness and joy as we prepare for Christmas this year.