Draw decides Askewville race

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 22, 2005

ASKEWVILLE – Kay Brantley took an unusual route to the Askewville town board.

The newcomer to the political scene finished tied for third place with Gloria Bryant and then won the seat by virtue of having her name drawn out of a hat.

According to Bertie County Director of Elections Shirlie Davenport, the Board of Elections conducted a recount Friday afternoon because Brantley and Bryant were tied for the third and final position on the Askewville town board.

Write-in candidate Rodney Thomas led all vote-getters with 43 votes while incumbent Mary Lou Jernigan had 36 votes.

Bryant and Brantley were tied for third with 23 votes, nine better than Monroe Mizelle, a write-in candidate who had 14 votes.

Following Friday’s recount, the vote remained tied, leaving the Board of Elections forced to break the tie by casting lots.

The decision was made to have a neutral party – in this case a Bertie County Sheriff’s Deputy – to draw a name out of a hat and Brantley’s name was drawn.

All of the write-in campaign came about after incumbent town commissioner Robert Harmon withdrew from the race.

One other write-in candidate, Roy Johnson, received 11 votes.

Askewville was the only race in which there were changes following last Tuesday’s canvass. All election results in Bertie County were certified on that day.