We beat them AM Farmers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 27, 2005

&uot;I’m a Tarheel born, I’m a Tarheel bred…and when I die I’ll be a Tarheel dead&uot;

I normally wouldn’t talk sports in the editorial section of the paper but I have to respond to a piece I read in this very newspaper last week.

Our editor, Cal Bryant devoted an entire column to a humorous yet sarcastic &uot;history&uot; of the Carolina-N.C. State rivalry.

In addition to the occasional chuckle it provided (I’m sure it was hilarious to those unfortunate enough to root for the red and white), I have to thank Mr. Bryant for something else.

He provided yet another weapon in my vast arsenal of Puppypack jokes.

I was unaware until reading it Thursday that State was originally referred to as the North Carolina A&M Farmers.

I assure you I will be using that knowledge in the future and I encourage all my fellow Tarheel faithful to do the same.

For those that don’t know, the Tarheels plowed over the heavily favored and over hyped Farmers on their home field Saturday, much to my delight.

For those keeping count, this is the tenth Tarheel victory in the last 13 meetings between these two teams, but I found this one to be even more exciting than usual for a multitude of reasons.

Aside from the joy I am filled with anytime N.C. A&M loses, I knew it would provide me the opportunity to participate in one of my favorite hobbies, Pack bashing.

I also hoped it would put an end to all the &uot;whining&uot; I had been forced to endure from Farmer fans regarding last year’s Carolina victory.

In all fairness, I am not the only one that had grown tired of the seemingly endless whimpering.

Josh Harrell, an A&M student and sportswriter that joined our staff this summer, admitted to growing tired of his friends whining.

I hope this weekend fixed that problem for you Josh.

Somehow though, I doubt it.

I also took pride in being the only one of 14 &uot;Pigskin-Prognosticators&uot; to correctly predict a Carolina victory.

Upon making that prediction, I was subjected to quite a bit of trash talking and heckling from those fans less fortunate (the politically correct way to refer to people who don’t pull for UNC).

To those people, I welcome you to the Tarheel Diner.

Your reservations are set and I invite you all to dine on this week’s dinner special, fillet of crow with a side of creme de la I told you so.

Bon Appetit!

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