Dr. Harris remains as Medical Director

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 27, 2005

WINDSOR – The last minute reprieve was successful.

At last week's Bertie County Board of Commissioners meeting, county officials learned that Medical Director, Dr. Phil Harris, had formally submitted a letter of resignation. His last day of service was scheduled for Oct. 1.

However, the commissioners agreed not to let Dr. Harris go without a fight. He was praised for his service to the county, a job he refuses to accept money to perform.

Commissioner Wallace Perry informed his fellow board members that, with their blessing, he would make an attempt to convince Dr. Harris to stay.

"Dr. Harris needs the full support of this board in his decision-making processes," Perry said at last Monday's board meeting. "When he makes a decision; when he puts his foot down, we need to stand behind that decision. That's the message I'll take to him when I try to convince him to stay with us."

Perry indeed took that message to Dr. Harris during a Wednesday meeting.

"I relayed to him how important he was to the citizens of Bertie County," Perry said yesterday (Monday) during a telephone interview. "He agreed to stay with us for a while longer."

Commissioner Perry added that Dr. Harris performs his job not for personal gain or personal reasons, but through a means that benefits all county citizens.

"That's why I said what I did at last week's meeting," Perry noted. "Dr. Harris is a very intelligent man who fully understands the state rules and regulations when it comes to emergency and non-emergency medical transport. When he makes a decision, it's one that is in the best interest of all the citizens of this county. We need to stand behind his decisions."

Perry closed by saying, "Dr. Harris is a good man, a caring man, but he's also a man who wants things done the right way and that's all we can ask for."