Repair costs are higher than reported

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 17, 2005

MURFREESBORO – An earlier figure reported (Thursday’s edition of the News-Herald) concerning the amount of money the town of Murfreesboro has spent on the Holly Hill Road dam repair was incorrect.

Instead of over $4,000 being spent so far on the repair project, the town has actually spent over $34,000.

The application for financial assistance from FEMA required the town to develop repair plans for the dam. The town hired a consultant to develop these plans and North Carolina Dam Safety officials approved them on October 20, 2004.

The town continues to work with Jewell Engineering Consultants, FEMA and the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management on the project. Formal documentation required for public bidding of the construction repair project has been submitted, but the town has grown frustrated with the slow response from FEMA officials.

&uot;We continue to work with FEMA and North Carolina Emergency Management representatives,&uot; Town Administrator Molly Eubank said.

Considering FEMA’s focus on the recovery effort in the Gulf Coast and the NC Division of Emergency Management’s heavy workload following a series of hurricane related disasters in recent years, there is no guarantee the Holly Hill Road dam project will receive FEMA funds.

FEMA originally provided the town with $1,500 immediately following Hurricane Isabel, but that is the total amount the town has received to date from the federal agency.

FEMA has not informed the town when they will make a final decision on Murfreesboro’s application.