Pauls bid fond farewell

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 3, 2005

MURFREESBORO – The Jefcoat Museum said goodbye to Brinson and Lorene Paul.

The Murfreesboro Historical Association held a reception and dinner Tuesday evening at the Murfreesboro Baptist Church to honor the outstanding contributions Brinson and Lorene Paul have made to historic Murfreesboro.

&uot;We all take great pride in thanking Brinson and Lorene for the work they have done,&uot; said David W. Farnham, President of the Murfreesboro Historical Association.

&uot;Brinson had a strategic plan from the start and instilled the notion that the Jefcoat Museum was worth working for,&uot; Farnham said. &uot;Land had to be purchased, buildings had to be restored, cases had to be designed, and the collection had to be safeguarded. This was a huge undertaking.&uot;

The Brady C. Jefcoat Museum of Americana is located in the former Murfreesboro High School that was built in 1922. The museum holds a diverse collection of Americana representing 25 years of collecting by museum benefactor Brady C. Jefcoat. The museum’s collection includes objects ranging from laundering and cooking equipment to Daisy air rifles and mounted animals.

&uot;No words can express our appreciation for the work Brinson and Lorene put forth,&uot; Murfreesboro Mayor Ben McLean said. &uot;The people of Murfreesboro will benefit for years to come (from their hard work).&uot;

McLean presented the Paul’s with a plaque of appreciation from the town.

&uot;When my wife and I moved to Murfreesboro we received a lot of invitations and one of them was from Brinson to come to the Jefcoat Museum,&uot; said Dr. Lee Canipe, pastor of the Murfreesboro Baptist Church.

Canipe joked that the invitation was one he &uot;could not refuse&uot;.

Canipe described his first trip to the Jefcoat Museum, citing the impressive collection of artifacts and impressive setting for the museum in the restored school building.

&uot;Murfreesboro can and should be proud of the Jefcoat Museum and the work Brinson and Lorene have done,&uot; Canipe added. &uot;The Jefcoat Museum is another reason Murfreesboro is on the map.&uot;

&uot;It is a real joy to be asked to come here tonight,&uot; said Brady C. Jefcoat, benefactor of the museum.

Jefcoat shared a series of colorful and historical stories with the reception attendants.

&uot;They are leaving a light wherever they go,&uot; Jefcoat noted of the Paul’s.

&uot;I have been amazed at how hard Brinson worked,&uot; said friend and museum volunteer Jimmy Gray. &uot;I will certainly miss working with them.&uot;

Gray shared a story about raising money for the Jefcoat Museum’s elevator and the series of &uot;cook-offs&uot; they participated in to raise money for museum projects.

&uot;There is no telling how many hours of planning Brinson put into these types of things,&uot; Gray added.

&uot;I didn’t realize people cared this much for Lorene and I or you wanted to make sure we are leaving,&uot; Brinson Paul joked.

&uot;I see the possibilities for 20 more volunteers.&uot;

&uot;There are a few people I have to thank, including Mary Deloatch,&uot; Paul said. &uot;She gave me one of the best opportunities life has ever given me.&uot;

Paul thanked several others, including Brady Jefcoat, who he described as the &uot;most amazing man I have ever known&uot;.

&uot;This has been an extraordinary night and we will miss working with you,&uot; the Paul’s said. &uot;We are humbled.&uot;