Wood remains a wanted man

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 25, 2005

AULANDER – "He's out there somewhere."

Those are the words of Aulander Police Chief Jimmy Barmer as he makes reference to a suspect that he would like to see brought to justice.

Nearly one year has passed since Danyashi Wood of Ahoskie, in an attempt to flee arrest, drug Barmer several yards until the veteran law enforcement officer was able to free himself from the window of Wood's vehicle.

Although the pain of those injuries suffered on Aug. 30 of last year have long subsided, that day is forever etched in Barmer's memory. His mind will be eased once Wood is arrested and answers to the charge of assault with a deadly weapon on a government official.

"He's been on the run for nearly one year," Barmer said. "He was seen as recently as two months ago in the Murfreesboro area, but we just can't seem to catch a break and be at the right place at the right time to make the arrest."

Chief Barmer urged anyone with information concerning Wood's whereabouts to contact either the Bertie County Sheriff's Office (794-5330) or the Aulander Police Department (345-3181). All information will be held in strict confidentiality.

"Any help anyone can give us in this case will be greatly appreciated," Barmer noted.

The search for Wood began after he duped law enforcement officials and emergency responders into believing he was overdosing on drugs he said he had allegedly swallowed.

Wood was transported to Roanoke-Chowan Hospital. Upon his arrival, doctors were preparing to hook up leads to a heart monitor when he jumped up and took off running. He exited the hospital through the front doors and ran across Academy Street and into a wooded area.

The incident began when Barmer was attempting to question a suspect (Wood) near an Aulander convenience store. The Police Chief said he was acting upon information received from an anonymous phone call, one saying a suspect would be coming into Aulander driving a dark colored Honda Accord and that the suspect would be transporting illegal drugs.

Once the call had been passed along to Bertie County dispatchers, Agent Kenny Gilliam of the Bertie Narcotics Unit set up surveillance along Main Street and Commerce Street in the town.

A vehicle fitting the description was spotted shortly after the watch was posted and Chief Barmer was radioed that the vehicle was in the process of stopping in the parking lot of the convenience store.

&uot;I pulled up behind the suspect’s vehicle,&uot; Barmer stated following the incident. &uot;As I approached him, he jumped back in his car and tried to start the car, which was already started.

&uot;I reached in to turn the vehicle off and the suspect threw the car in drive and took off toward the Commerce Center, dragging me along side of the car,&uot; he continued.

Chief Barmer was able to free himself from the car as it sped into the parking lot of the Commerce Center and quickly regained footing in time to see the suspect wreck behind the building as his vehicle struck the rear of the store and then an abandoned van.

&uot;He jumped out of his car and a short foot pursuit took place," Barmer said. "I was able to apprehend the suspect and a tussle broke out, and as we fell to the ground I hit the side of another parked vehicle, jamming my hand. By this time, Agent Gilliam was able to apprehend the suspect and get him handcuffed and detained."

Barmer said once the suspect was controlled, he began to question him about his intentions to flee. Wood allegedly admitted he had narcotics and he had swallowed approximately a quarter of an ounce of cocaine.

&uot;Our attention changed immediately to his safety,&uot; Barmer said. &uot;We went from making an arrest to getting him immediate medical attention.&uot;

Back up units had been called by this point and now rescue was being paged in an effort to get Wood medical attention.

&uot;Right after he told us he had swallowed the cocaine, he acted as if he was non-responsive,&uot; Barmer said. &uot;This led us to believe he was in serious danger.&uot;

A rescue unit was quick to the scene and Wood was escorted during the ride to Roanoke-Chowan Hospital in Ahoskie by a Bertie County Sheriff’s Deputy. It was from R-CH where Wood made his escape and remains at-large.