Teen fails to outrun police

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 23, 2005

WINTON – A two-mile chase ended in the arrest of an Ahoskie teen here Wednesday who was attempting to outrun six law enforcement officials on a four-wheeler.

Winton Police Chief David Griffith reported that Joshua Futrell, 19, was jailed on a $4,000 secured bond after trying to outrun a half-dozen law enforcement officials at around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday in Winton.

Following his apprehension, Futrell was charged with felony speed to elude arrest, driving while license were revoked, careless and reckless driving and failure to stop for a blue light and siren.

Griffith was on routine patrol along Winton's Main Street early Wednesday evening when he met a four-wheeler traveling north. The ATV was passing a vehicle on the right side of the road when Griffith first noticed what was taking place.

"I turned around and began to pursue the four-wheeler," Chief Griffith said. "I activated the blue lights on my vehicle at which time the subject on the four-wheeler realized I was in pursuit. It was at this time that the subject took a sharp right turn and increased their speed."

Griffith said he radioed Hertford County dispatch for assistance as he continued his pursuit. Five deputies with the Hertford County Sheriff's Office responded.

After pursing the subject on Winton streets, Griffith was joined in the chase by Deputy Will Liverman. The four-wheeler then turned onto a farm path and traveled through a field towards a wooded area while Griffith and Liverman gave chase.

"It got pretty nasty once we entered the wooded area, so much to the point that I realized I was in an area that could have caused major damage to my patrol car," Griffith noted. "I decided to end my pursuit at that point, but Deputy Liverman, operating a four-wheel drive vehicle, continued to give chase."

Meanwhile, Griffith and the other deputies set-up a perimeter around the woods. However, Deputy Liverman was able to finally overtake the subject and make the arrest.

"I really appreciate the assistance of the Hertford County deputies," Griffith said. "Their quick response prevented the operator of this four-wheeler, one traveling at a high rate of speed on the streets of our town, from re-entering the road where innocent motorists or perhaps even pedestrians would have been in harm's way."