M’boro Police quickly solve BE’s

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 23, 2005

MURFREESBORO – Murfreesboro Police arrested two people last week in two separate break-ins.

Michael Williams, 47, of Murfreesboro was arrested and charged with breaking and entering a motor vehicle, larceny from a motor vehicle and possession of stolen property. Williams was placed under a $30,000 bond.

On August 16, a Murfreesboro woman reported to Murfreesboro Police her car had been broken into and a large amount of audio equipment and compact discs had been stolen. The victim also told the police she saw a person leaving the area where the break in occurred.

After a looking at line-up of police photos, the victim identified the person she saw leaving the crime scene.

Murfreesboro Police began looking for the suspect and quickly discovered him walking down the street near the area where the crime took place. The officers questioned the suspect, discovered he was in possession of the stolen items and made the arrest.

&uot;The officers arrested the suspect 45 minutes after the crime was initially reported,&uot; Murfreesboro Police Chief Darrell Rowe said.

Officer Larry Newsome was assisted by Winton Police Chief David Griffith on the arrest.

&uot;The victim was very happy with the quick turn around and her stolen items were returned,&uot; Rowe added.

On August 18, a local business owned by Jacob Ruffin was broken into twice and cartons of cigarettes were stolen.

After interviewing several people near the crime scene, officers developed information on a potential suspect and arrested Donald Manley, 24, of Murfreesboro and charged him with two counts of breaking and entering and two counts of larceny.

Manley is being held under a $16,000 bond in the Hertford County Jail.

Rowe applauded the work of Newsome and Captain Chris Sumner in solving the crime and the quick turn around in making the arrest.

&uot;The quick work and professionalism displayed in this case should reassure the citizens of Murfreesboro,&uot; Rowe commented. &uot;The is a great credit to the officers of the Murfreesboro Police Department.&uot;