Decency for sale

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 9, 2005

I don't watch a lot of television, especially in the summer months, but I tuned in to the news just in time to hear the KFC advertisers tell me to "bring ‘em back to the table."

What a switch from the none too distant past when they came screaming into our homes with raucous music and grating, screaming voices extolling the taste of their products. All I can say is; it's about time they realize that remote controls give viewers the ability to mute the message!

I may be a minority of one when it comes to commercials, but personally I find most of them to be less than enticing and I take a stand on that by refusing to buy the products they proffer.

In the past few weeks, however, I notice there seems to be an unmistakable move toward decency.

I think the Nutri-System ad has most obviously changed. Instead of putting the beautiful young thing parading through the grocery store in a bikini with the stock clerk down on his knees like he's worshiping her, they now have a group of normal looking people, fully clothed, showing their before and after photos. I suppose the company was afraid to completely do away with the sexiness of the ad, however; because they still show the beautiful young thing, but only for a quick second.

Now before all you beautiful young things out there get your bikinis in a bunch; I think you look good, but a few pounds to cover your bones would make you look like curvaceous and beautiful young things. On some days, I wish I were!

Take the ad campaigns from Coca-Cola. With their return to one of the most successful ad campaigns in history; "I'd like to buy the world a Coke," I think Pepsi-Cola better take a look and make a move to follow the Coke lead back to decency. It's not only the thin, young, hip crowd who enjoys Pepsi, but even an older, heavier, conservative woman like me has been known to imbibe the drink that "hits the spot." Remember those old Pepsi commercials? "Pepsi-Cola hits the spot!"

Another move away from the "sex sells" attitude is a commercial for a vehicle (I don't recall the make). Instead of one of those beautiful models draped across the car, they have come up with one of the neatest ad campaigns out there. It's all special effects as the vehicle glides along, passing other traffic to literally "blow it away." Every vehicle it passes turns into dust, leaving two dogs to drop to the street and a vehicle transport truck filled with other cars just disappears into the wind. Now, that's a fascinating commercial complete with no screaming and some nice music in the background.

Overall, my absolute favorite wavers between AFLAC's duck, little "Bob" for Quiznos Subs and that beautiful little yellow Lab puppy on the camping trip for Advantix flea and tick control.

I love that duck just as much as the guy who ordered the Peking duck in the commercial, but that little puppy singing the camp song while he's showing us how he's enjoying the outdoors is just too unforgettable. Someone truly deserves a million bucks for that! Nothing is more precious than babies and puppies.

As for this sudden change in the ad campaigns; I'm not sure what's going on or how long it will last, but for me, it is a positive change. I will stick my neck out once again and admit that I am a Christian and I find many of the commercials offensive. I wonder if others out there are sending the same message to companies and those who advertise for them by refusing to buy their products.

As for me, like I said; I don't know the make of that vehicle, but know it was one of the high dollar types. I can't see wasting a great deal of money on something that will only end up junked, but I promise you I use every one of the other products that seems to be courting my dollars with ads that even Jesus the Christ could watch with me.