Windsor bids for bird-watching trail

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 2, 2005

WINDSOR – While walking through the Windsor Historical District, one would come upon the Cashie River – a wetland area known for its abundant wildlife.

The Town of Windsor decided to take advantage of this area by nominating it to be a part of the North Carolina Birding Trail (NCBT).

The NCBT is a group that connects bird watching sites and bird watchers with the communities they are found in and help to enhance the habitats for the wildlife.

An effort to develop the trail began in October of 2003 and is now in the coastal region stage – a stage of development that includes Bertie County and all other areas east of I-95.

But one of the primary advantages for having a site such as this in Windsor would be the influx of tourists that would fill the town.

&uot;There are a lot of bird watchers, not just nationally, but here in the state too,&uot; Windsor Mayor Bob Spivey said. &uot;There is a lot of tourism involved with having a site such as this.&uot;

The town is nominating two sites in Windsor – the first being from the observation deck on North York Street and the other being the boardwalk adjacent to the river on West Water Street.

&uot;The boardwalk is an excellent place because it covers such a large area of the river and the observation deck is great because it is a jut out into the wetlands where you can see different kinds of plant life along with the birds,&uot; Spivey said.

The nomination form the Town of Windsor sent to the NCBT cited numerous types of birds found in the area, including various types of woodpeckers, bluebirds, cardinals, chimney swifts, various types of hawks and many others.

The sites nominated already possess a visitor center in the Chamber of Commerce Building, which is open from 9 am to 6 pm. The center includes an exhibit hall and a gift shop.

But there are many characteristics to the area and the park that people may not be taking advantage of.

&uot;They offer free boat rides at the park and at the bird watching areas,&uot; Spivey noted.

Of course one can always bring their own boat or stick to the land and navigate the trails throughout the park instead.

Representatives from the Town of Windsor traveled to Roper on Tuesday to discuss with other state bird organizations how to best sell their area to the public and help attract tourists.

&uot;They will be discussing various areas in eastern North Carolina in an effort to put a package together and help draw tourists to the respective areas,&uot; Spivey said.

Spivey believes the spot will become an official NCBT bird watching site and will attract tourists from all across the state.

&uot;We really have a unique and excellent place for bird watching,&uot; Spivey said. &uot;With proper advertising and care for the site we will be able to bring additional tourists to the area to enjoy the wildlife.&uot;