Perdue workers are back

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 22, 2005

LEWISTON WOODVILLE – The problem is resolved. Possibly.

According to Perdue Spokesman Joe Forsthoffer, the situation of picketing workers camped outside the Lewiston plant is believed to be resolved.

&uot;We were able to conduct an investigation and work out any problems,&uot; Forsthoffer said.

The large number of workers had sited problems with management, when they refused to report for work Tuesday.

The workers said that they would not go back to work until management issues were resolved and there was a promise of fair treatment and a more comfortable working atmosphere.

At the time, Forsthoffer said no concerns had been directed to the management.

Friday morning, Forsthoffer said he believes the workers are now back to work in the plant, but did not know of any terms worked out or how the situation was resolved.