Boone moves on

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 16, 2005

JACKSON – Tim Boone is a self-described basketball and history nut.

From the shrine room that Boone constructed in tribute to his love for basketball and a tribute to his father who served in World War II, it is obvious to anyone that Boone is passionate about what he believes in.

But he has been that way his entire life.

Growing up, Boone was mentored by Bill Cochran, who learned to coach from University of North Carolina legend Dean Smith and who now coaches at Salem High School in Virginia.

When Boone was in middle school, he would help out the coaches at Jackson High School just to be around the game that he loves.

&uot;I was a gym rat even in middle school,&uot; Boone said. &uot;Then when I got to Northampton High School I got my chance to play.&uot;

After his successful basketball years at Northampton, Boone played basketball at St. Christopher Prep School before moving on to attend school at Elon University, where he later graduated.

While taking over the family business at Boone’s Farm Supplies in Jackson, Boone joined the Northeast Academy coaching staff and learned to coach under John Brown.

Now the former Northeast Academy assistant coach is the head coach of the varsity boy’s basketball team at Ridgecroft.

&uot;I’m honored to have this kind of opportunity,&uot; Boone said. &uot;It was a big decision, but I’m up for the challenge.&uot;

Boone said his decision to make the move to Ridgecroft was a tough one because of the personal ties he had to Northeast.

&uot;I had a good relationship with Northeast and they treated me well,&uot; Boone said. &uot;At my first athletic banquet they gave me a standing ovation – they just treated me great.&uot;

But it was an opportunity Boone could not turn down – partly because of the ties he also had with Ridgecroft.

&uot;I have had four children attend Ridgecroft,&uot; Boone said. &uot;Three girls that are now graduated and a son that is now in fifth grade.&uot;

Boone shares the same high hopes for the Rams as its supporters do and knows they have the talent to do great things.

&uot;I obviously want to go to states, that’s always the goal,&uot; Boone said. &uot;I haven’t met with the boys yet, but I know we have a lot of talent.&uot;

Boone said he wants to coach like UCLA legend John Wooden and lead his team like Confederate general Robert E. Lee led his troops.

He believes in the new UNC style of play, as he likes to play a fast paced offense and a tight man-to-man defense.

&uot;I want to push the ball up the court and play man-to-man,&uot; Boone said. &uot;I’m not a slow tempo guy and I think fans will enjoy the ball games more because of it.&uot;

Boone said success at the free throw line is a crucial part of his game plan and will be practiced as much as anything else.

Boone will keep his job at Boone’s Farm Supplies and will just coach at Ridgecroft. But that’s enough for Ridgecroft Athletic Director Doug Cobbs who said he is pleased to have Boone on board.

&uot;We’re looking forward to having him here with us,&uot; Cobbs said. &uot;With his personal ties to the school, with three of his children graduating from here, and his knowledge of the game, I believe he will be successful.&uot;

Even though it was a tough decision for Boone to move on, he is looking forward to the opportunity that awaits him at Ridgecroft.

&uot;Me and the guys will be prepared and ready for the season,&uot; Boone said. &uot;The fans will enjoy the seasons to come.&uot;