Aulander teens charged in BE’s

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 14, 2005

AULANDER – A pair of Aulander teens were arrested this past weekend after admitting they were responsible for a trio of break-ins of Aulander business establishments.

Douglas Eugene Harrell, 17, of 404 West Main Street and Derek Lavar Cherry, 18, of 1910 NC 305 were jailed following break-ins at Red Apple Market and Friendly Food Mart. They were later charged with illegal entry and larceny at Ryan’s Caf\u00E9.

The two teens were each charged with two felony counts of breaking and entering, one felony count of attempted breaking and entering, one felony count of larceny, three counts of injury to real property and one count of resist, delay and obstruct. The latter two charges are both misdemeanors.

All totaled, their bonds amounted to $12,000 each.

According to Aulander Police Chief Jimmy Barmer, he received a call concerning an alleged break-in of the Red Apple Market. Bertie Sheriff’s Sgt. Allen White was the first to arrive on the scene, noting the front glass of the convenience store was broken.

&uot;Sgt. White and I searched the building, but found no one inside and found no other damage than the broken glass,&uot; Barmer said.

Barmer said he then began to search the immediate area. It was during that search he observed two males on bicycles. He said as he approached the two, they jumped off their bikes and ran. Following a foot chase, Barmer was able to overtake the two subjects at which time he questioned them about the Red Apple incident.

&uot;They told me they had broken the glass at the Red Apple, but got scared and ran off without entering the store,&uot; Barmer said.

Barmer and White confirmed that information by looking at the Red Apple Market’s surveillance tape. That showed two subjects breaking the glass. One did briefly enter the store, but ran, joined by the other subject waiting by the door, when the store’s alarm was activated.

Barmer said nothing appeared stolen.

While Sgt. White was transporting the two suspects to the Sheriff’s Office in Windsor, Barmer conducted a search of other Aulander businesses. He found a door glass shattered at the Friendly Food Mart, but it appeared no entry was gained.

&uot;When I got to Windsor, I questioned the two about Friendly Food Mart and they admitted they broke the glass, but could not enter the store,&uot; Barmer said.

After the two were processed and jailed on those two crimes, Barmer learned, later in the morning of July 9, that Ryan’s Caf\u00E9 was broken into and money was reportedly missing. Harrell and Cherry also admitted to that crime, said Barmer.

The Aulander Police Chief praised the help of Sgt. White as well as Bertie Sheriff’s deputies Kenny Cobb and David Pierce.