Futrell blazes new trail

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 25, 2005

WINTON – In a sense, Winton’s own Kelly Futrell is a pioneer for Barton College.

Being the first student from a school to study abroad comes with some uncertainties, but Futrell isn’t one to worry.

She will be travelling to Australia at the end of August to spend a semester at Bond University, a school that sits an hour away from the Australian capital of Sydney.

Futrell, a senior in Business Administration and Religion/Philosophy, will be nearing completion of her degree away from school, a feat that no other Barton College student has experienced.

&uot;I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, and when I was given the chance I figured I may as well give it a shot,&uot; Futrell said.

The opportunity arose after a Barton professor sent out an email offering students the chance to take the trip. Futrell looked up the info, talked to the professor and decided it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

Futrell, a Hertford County High School graduate, will leave on August 30 and will not return until mid – December.

She will be going through a program called Australearn, which will provide an orientation to the country when Futrell first arrives and programs throughout her stay in Australia.

&uot;When I get there, they will help me get adjusted to the time change and the culture shock before I go to the school’s orientation,&uot; Futrell said.

The time change will be one that will take some getting used to, as it is a 24-hour difference and Futrell will lose a day during her travel to Australia.

When she gets there, Futrell’s only mode of transportation will be through public transportation in the form of buses and taxis and she will be staying in a dorm on the Bond University campus.

The trip is not cheap, as the semester of school at Bond will cost Futrell $13,000, but through the money she has saved up and the various scholarships she has acquired, Futrell is just looking forward to the experience.

Although she has no specific plans pertaining to what she’ll do in Australia, Futrell said she is just excited to achieve her dream.

&uot;It doesn’t really matter what I do when I’m there, I’m just excited to be there.&uot;