Old law office finds new home

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 23, 2005

MURFREESBORO – Last week, the Murfreesboro Historical Society had the Richard Vaughan Building moved from its previous location off of Main Street to the corner of 5th and William Street behind Maxway.

The undertaking was done to preserve the building, as it was going to be torn down at its old site and will be revived at the new location.

The building will now be used as a museum, adding another facility to the historical society’s ever-growing museum contingency.

Kay Mitchell of the Historical Society said the building is significant and the saving of it was crucial.

&uot;The building dates back to the 1870’s and was used as a law office,&uot; Mitchell said.

The small building has two rooms, which Mitchell believed to have once been a reception area and an office.

The moving process included loading the building on to a truck and simply moving it down the street.

&uot;The process went really well and the group that did it are real professionals,&uot; Mitchell said. &uot;This was easy compared to what they had to do in the 70’s when they moved several homes from Main Street to Jay Trail.&uot;

The Historical Society believes the move was necessary to preserve all of Murfreesboro’s history and aids in expansion through the addition of another museum.

&uot;This kind of stuff can be a headache sometimes,&uot; Mitchell said, &uot;but it’s our mission and we’re doing our best to preserve what we can.&uot;