County places option on 823 acres

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 23, 2005

WINDSOR – With an eye cast towards future economic development, Bertie County’s Board of Commissioners have approved an option on approximately 823 acres of land.

Adjourning from a closed session here Monday night, the Commissioners voted unanimously to pay a sum of $100 as an option on the property – a tract of land known as the Gaskins Farm in southeastern part of the county.

That particular parcel – currently owned by the Evans, Davenport and Ivey families – is situated on both sides of US 17 near the Edenhouse Bridge as well as both sides of SR 1316 and the south side of SR 1501.

County officials would not speculate on what the land would be used for, only saying the county may wish to purchase the property if it is suitable for economic development purposes.

The option is for a six-month period, ending Dec. 19. If Bertie officials have not exercised the option at that time, the agreement with the current owners calls for the possibility of extending it for an additional 24 months at a cost of $150,000.

If the county exercises its option during either the initial or extended term, the purchase price is set at $10,000 per acre.

The terms of the agreement afford the county the right to go upon the land for the purposes of survey work, appraisals and soil borings.

In the meantime, the current landowners will maintain their rights to farm, hunt or preserve the property as they choose. In the event the option is exercised, the current owners reserve the right to harvest any crops.