Broken hearted

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 9, 2005

I’ve been functioning the last few weeks, but those closest to me know I have been walking around with a broken heart.

I lost my little canine companion and she was a very big part of my life. She had been with me for over thirteen years.

For the last six years, the two of us have been the only two living in my home (except some family and friends who needed temporary quarters). She ate when I ate; slept on the foot of my bed and sat on the couch with me when I watched television.

Whatever I was doing in the house or yard, she was following me around. It hurts my heart to eat, sleep or even walk into the house since she’s gone.

Now for those of you who have never had a dog and become attached to it, you will not understand what a friend they make or how hard it is to lose them. They are faithful and loyal companions.

You never have to worry that they will betray you. They love you no matter what you do and they never give away your secrets. You are always loved and accepted for exactly who you are and they don’t get angry with you.

My girl never fussed about how much I spent or where I went. She was just overjoyed to see me come home.

I have had pets most of my life, but this is the one lived the longest and went with me into old age. She and I suffered many of the same ailments and I felt great sympathy for her as she aged. It just never seemed to me that there would come a day when she would not be there. I knew it in my head, but I didn’t believe it in my heart. She had overcome many serious problems and I guess I just thought she would continue to win.

Regardless of the grief, it doesn’t make me wish I had never had her. I have many happy memories. When she was young, she could stand on her hind legs and dance around in a circle or walk across the floor. She only weighed 17 pounds most of her life and she could flat out fly when she was running.

She loved to play, take walks and she loved to sleep. She would play tug with you, chase a ball or attack her toys. Then when you said nap, she would get on the couch and turn all fours straight up in the air before you could stretch out.

Yes, I will get another dog, but the new one will never replace the old one. She will always hold a special place in my heart. But I will love and enjoy the new as well.

Life always has those bad bumps, but we have to climb over them and keep going. Sooner or later, the going is good again.

If you’ve never had a dog, you should get one. But only if you are willing to take responsibility and care for it properly. They say people who have dogs live longer and have less stress than those who don’t. That alone is enough reason to have a pet.

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