Mother, daughter arrested

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 4, 2005

WOODLAND – An argument over the price of merchandise led to a bizarre incident here Thursday morning, one ending with the arrest of a mother and her daughter.

Woodland Police Chief Don Ryan reported that 17-year-old Jessica Raye Collier of Potecasi entered the Rite-Way Convenience Mart (407 East Main Street, Woodland) at approximately 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Allegedly, Collier became upset over the price of an item and launched a verbal assault on the store manager, Jamal Ahmed Abu-Yaseen.

&uot;He (Abu-Yaseen) told me that he asked the girl not to speak that way in the store,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;He said the girl threw the product on the floor and, while making her way towards the front of the store, used an outstretched arm to rake items on a shelf to the floor.&uot;

Ryan reported that while on her way out of the store, Collier allegedly informed Abu-Yaseen that, &uot;she was going to hit his car.&uot;

&uot;Apparently, the young lady got into her vehicle and, with Mr. Abu-Yaseen watching, made a bee line towards his vehicle,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;She stopped just short of making impact and then backed-up, circled the parking lot and took aim at his vehicle once again.&uot;

This time around, Collier did not stop.

&uot;She hit it pretty hard; his car is messed up,&uot; Ryan noted. &uot;He had to jump out of the way.&uot;

Abu-Yaseen was able to observe the license number on the girl’s vehicle and telephoned Ryan concerning the incident. A check of the license gave Ryan an address – 200 Hobb’s Service Road near Potecasi.

&uot;I located the young lady at that address and arrested her for assault with a deadly weapon,&uot; Ryan said.

The arrest brought the girl’s mother, 38-year-old Wanda Melisa Horton, into the picture.

&uot;She (the mother) asked me if I thought Mr. Abu-Yaseen would drop the charge against her daughter if she would pay for the damage to his vehicle,&uot; Ryan reported. &uot;I told her all she could do was ask for a compromise.&uot;

With the girl, under arrest, in his squad car, Ryan made his way back to the store, with the mother following in another vehicle.

&uot;When we arrived back at the Rite-Way, the mother made her offer to Mr. Abu-Yaseen, but he refused to drop the charges,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;Ms. Horton then began to argue with Mr. Abu-Yaseen, at which time I asked her to leave the store.&uot;

As both Ryan and Horton prepared to leave the parking lot, Ryan witnessed Horton stopping her vehicle, exiting and heading back into the store.

&uot;By the time I could stop and ensure that the daughter was secured in my vehicle, Ms. Horton had entered the store where she began to physically strike Mr. Abu-Yaseen,&uot; Ryan noted. &uot;I was forced to pull her off of him.&uot;

That led to a charge of assault and battery against Horton. She was taken to the Northampton County Jail under a $500 secured bond, joined by her daughter who was held under a $1,000 secured bond.