Remembering Helene

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This week as I was wondering what to write about for this column, I knew immediately what the subject must be once Reba Green-Holley contacted me about the scholarship being established in memory of Helene C. Knight, the former Editor of the Gates County Index.

I was pleased to learn that my co-worker and your Advertising Representative, Tammy Perry, is serving as Treasurer for the Scholarship Committee. Tammy is extremely trustworthy and I will never forget the day I met her in the Gates County Index office.

It was unmistakably obvious that Tammy was extremely distraught over something, but I had not a clue as to what since I’d just walked in the door and said hello.

Tammy said it was difficult to see someone in Helene’s place, a place they had shared for eight years. Tammy also expressed her great affection for Helene.

Since I’ve been with the paper, Tammy’s sentiments have resounded across the county. Countless people have told me what a good Christian woman Helene was; what a caring person she was; and just how much she loved the people of this county…especially the children.

When I began writing the story about the 4-H Scholarship in Helene’s name, I was to learn even more about the fine woman she was.

I did not know Helene except for the few times we had spoken professionally, but I feel as though I know her better now.

So many people could not be wrong about this fine woman and I believe this scholarship is a perfect way in which people across Gates County can show their respect and love for a lady who loved all of you so much.

You will have an opportunity to share with the 4-H youth as they stage their first fundraiser for the endowment fund on June 28, at the high school. The 4-H Day of Activities will feature a lunch and plenty to do. Spend the $6 to attend this event from 11:30 to 2 p.m., or if you’d like to do a little more, contact Reba Green-Holley at the Extension Center where she is the Director of Extension and 4-H as well. Call 357-1400 to obtain a pledge form, and mail it in.

This is an extremely worthy cause and it will provide $25,000 scholarships to county youth once the scholarship endowment fund is set. I urge everyone who can; give this project great consideration and then give as you feel led.