Wonderful people

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The past week has been one of recognizing several people and organizations for the wonderful things they do for humanity.

It seems that nationwide recognition was given to the food service employees of the nation's schools, and it is also National Pet Wellness Month, but one individual in Gates County is also deserving of notice.

Tiwana Walton is a young woman on the way up. She is not only a very pretty girl, but has the brains to know that nothing in life comes free.

She is educating herself and working toward the goal of being a self-sufficient woman dependent upon no one. She is working hard to maintain her standing on the Honor Roll at Gates County High School n sometimes the Principal's List n and she also works hard at her job, cashier at Family Foods in Gates. However, it doesn't end there… along with homework, housework and basketball practice, there is church two or three nights a week in addition to Sundays. Ask Tiwana how she handles it all and she will tell you quickly that she wants to make something of her life nshe wants to help others and that takes education and hard work. I thought the young woman certainly deserved to be noticed and a part of our front page. She is such a remarkably refreshing change from the usual cluster of young girls standing around talking of boys, clothes and makeup. Watch for her to go places in life and watch for further news of her in this paper.

As for the cafeteria employees in Gates County's Central Middle School…now there's a group of dedicated and devoted women who deserve a big thanks from every parent and student in the county. In fact, they are an example of all food service employees in Gates County Schools System and we should take the time to thank every one of them. Not only do they make sure the students receive nutritious well-balanced meals, but they also hand out large amounts of concern for the students. They make themselves available to talk with any students in need of a kind word or bit of advice and in some instances, even stand in with encouragement when a parent is not willing to do so.

National Pet Wellness Month is the time when vets remind pet owners to keep pets healthy with twice-yearly exams.

Those exams can also be beneficial to pet owners because when you protect your pets from ticks and fleas, you may just be protecting yourself from Lyme disease, a bacterial disease that can kill pets and do great harm to humans. Dogs can also suffer acute renal failure from leptospirosis, another bacterial disease that can be passed to humans. Protecting your pet protects you.

We all know about the fatal viral disease, rabies, and then there are heartworms to consider. It all comes down to immunizing pets, both cats and dogs, and having those twice a year wellness exams.

Now, veterinary care, just like with human physicians, comes at a premium price and some may think it unnecessary, however, you should think again. Just how much do you care for your four-legged friend? A better question; how much do you care about the safety and well-being of your family? Anyone with pets must face that question and think of getting their pets to a vet in order to protect the pet and the family as well.

I am sure there are many other nationally recognized events taking place every day, however, in Gates County, I believe recognition for the "cafeteria ladies," the veterinarians, and Tiwana Walton were the most important this week. Next week—who know? Maybe we'll be recognizing your organization or someone near and dear to you. All the national events are important, but in Gates County, it all comes down to the fact that we have some of the best and brightest in the country.

Remember to thank your students' cafeteria employees, the veterinarians who care for you pets, and if you shop Family Foods in Gates, say hello to Tiwana. She'll be the one with the brightest and biggest smile!