District 6B honors Magistrate Jones

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 28, 2005

JACKSON – Judge Alfred Kwaskipui took a break from his regular duties at District Court here Monday to honor Magistrate Duncan Jones for upwards of 10 years of service.

In a crowded courtroom, Kwaskipui expressed deep appreciation for Jones’ dedication, referring to Jones an asset to the district.

&uot;Many people don’t realize the commitment associated with being a magistrate,&uot; Kwasikpui said, noting 12-hour shifts and challenging subject matter.

&uot;Magistrate Jones’ willingness to serve at times when others have been unable to due to illness and during periods of inclement weather when those who lived further away than he couldn’t make it in to work, is evidence of his sincere dedication to the county and its citizens,&uot; Kwasikpui said.

Jones agreed to serve as a magistrate in 1994 after Clerk of Court David Bridgers asked him if he would be interested.

&uot;Some days you can make a difference in a person’s life,&uot; Jones said.

In his earlier years, Jones served in the United States Marine Corp., a division of the Navy, where he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and served for 22 years prior to retiring.

He is an ordained minister for the Episcopal Church, at one time serving as rector for All Saints Episcopal Church in Jackson and is chaplain to several 501c-3 organizations.

He also worked as a consulting engineer and spent a number of years working on the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington, D.C.

&uot;I think all magistrates are in a position to help people,&uot; he said, &uot;and it’s an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Northampton County as well as here in District 6B.&uot;

Jones and his wife Frances Long-Jones currently reside in Jackson. Jones has an adult son who practices law in Morehead City; two married daughters that are stay at home moms and one adult stepdaughter who is pursuing a PhD at the University of Georgia.