Murfreesboro Council sees the ‘light’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2005

MURFREESBORO – It may not be the brightest light bulb in the bunch, but then again the decision has yet to be made as to which luminary will be chosen to reflect the quaint character of the Town of Murfreesboro.

In the regularly scheduled meeting of the Murfreesboro Town Council, Tuesday, Barry Thomas of Holophane: A Leader in Light Solutions, presented members with a variety of streetlight samples to choose from.

As part of the town’s enhancement grant, council members will soon have the pleasure of deciding which lamp will be best suited to line the streets of the historic town.

In a separate meeting with Dominion Power, which took place earlier that day, council members, Public Works Director Gene Byrd and Police Chief Darrell Rowe discussed some of the more technical aspects of the project, including the possibility of shutting down some of the streets while Dominion crews work on electrical rewiring.

Closing the streets would allow the town to save money since it wouldn’t have to hire additional contractors to direct traffic, according to Town Administrator Molly Eubank, who stated that Dominion would like to begin the work as early as May 7.

I think we can move quickly and expedite the work, barring any weather setbacks,&uot; said Dominion Power representative Bryant Brooks in last month’s meeting, estimating between six and eight weeks to complete the relocation of overhead equipment.

&uot;We still have a ways to go, but we’re making progress,&uot; Eubank said.

Once Dominion completes the necessary rewiring and council members determine which lamp would be best to install, the town will be able to place the order for the streetlamps.

Dominion estimated the project would cost $169,525.50 to reroute wiring, $32,289.27 to install 13 streetlights on the south side of Main Street, $9,000 to relocate electrical service front to back at six Main Street locations, $35,876 to reroute Sprint service and $7,461 to reroute Adelphia cable lines.

The total would run approximately $254,151.77.

A special meeting will be scheduled to discuss the streetlamps, however, no date has yet been solidified.