Commissioners want U.S. 13 ‘eyesore’ cleaned

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 7, 2005

WINDSOR – Bertie’s elected leaders are serious when it comes to the appearance of their county.

For the second consecutive meeting, Bertie’s Board of Commissioners addressed the aesthetics of the county.

In particular, the Commissioners, during their meeting here Monday morning, pointed to a private residence located on US 13, just south of Buena Vista, as a major eyesore.

In regards to that matter, County Manager Zee Lamb provided the Commissioners a copy of the county’s ordinance dealing with solid waste management.

After reading the ordinance – particularly the

devoted to bulky waste and refuse that may attract rodents and vermin as well as causing a fire hazard, Board Chairman Rick Harrell responded, &uot;based on this, the person occupying that home is out of compliance.&uot;

He continued with a tongue-in-cheek remark by saying, &uot;There’s a house hidden somewhere among that trash.&uot;

&uot;You have made it very clear that you want this property cleaned-up,&uot; Lamb said. &uot;I have contacted the proper authorities on this matter and are waiting for a reply from (Albemarle Health Services) Director Jerry Parks to see if this property qualifies as a public health nuisance.&uot;

While waiting for Parks, the Commissioners seemed determined to forge ahead on solving this issue.

&uot;We can send the person residing at this residence a letter, informing him that he is out of compliance with county ordinance and inform him of our intentions to settle this matter,&uot; Lamb suggested.

County Attorney Lloyd Smith offered a quicker alternative.

&uot;Have a warrant drawn-up and have the Sheriff’s Office serve it,&uot; Smith said, making reference back to the fact that the person or persons placing and storing the junk items on that property were allegedly out of compliance with the ordinance.

Smith continued, &uot;It’s only a misdemeanor that carries a $50 fine, but you’ll send the message that this will not be tolerated.&uot;

Commissioner Norman Cherry Sr. offered a motion, which passed unanimously, that instructed the County Manager to contact the county’s Solid Waste Officer in order to start the legal process on this matter.