Daniel resigns from M’boro Council

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 10, 2005

MURFREESBORO – Booker Daniel resigned her position on the Murfreesboro Town Council in a surprise move here Tuesday.

Citing diminishing health and schedule conflicts as her main reason for leaving, Daniel expressed disappointment in having to resign from her duties, but said that she enjoyed her terms of service.

&uot;It has been a learning experience,&uot; said Daniel, who has served as a council member for three years.

Daniel, who was the first woman to ever be elected to serve on the town council in Murfreesboro, had already discussed her intensions with other council members and subsequently, in a letter addressed to Murfreesboro Mayor Ben McLean, recommended Sarah Wallace as a possible candidate to finish out the remainder of her term.

&uot;She had expressed interest to me in running in the next election,&uot; she said in the letter, adding that Wallace was willing to consider finishing her term.

&uot;I hope the council considers my recommendation,&uot; she said. &uot;I think it’s important to consider a woman to fill my place.&uot;

Describing the native Wallace as a &uot;working person, not distracted by any self interests,&uot; Daniel expressed a strong feeling that the council &uot;should include those who truly represent the desires and needs of the majority, not just represent those people, but be those people.&uot;

She also offered that Wallace’s schedule would not be a problem, as hers had been.

&uot;The meeting times would not be a problem for her,&uot; Daniel stated in her letter.

Daniel, though quiet for the duration of the meeting, offered up her &uot;best wishes&uot; that the council would work together for the good of the town. In a latter conversation, she said she felt the council was truly concerned for the future of the town and that they were making progress.

&uot;If the council can work as quickly and diligently on wastewater treatment expansion and the enhancement grant as they have on keeping daytime meetings, we may get somewhere,&uot; she stated in her letter.

A separate letter, addressed to the citizens of Murfreesboro, offered additional insight into her reasons for leaving.

In light of her resignation, however, Daniel said she would continue her involvement with the town’s beautification committee and possibly contribute some time to the efforts of the new Economic Development Task Force, depending on her health and schedule.

&uot;I think the more people that are involved with the development of the town, the better,&uot; she said. &uot;We need to be more proactive.&uot;

She continued, &uot;I understand that beautification isn’t high on the priority list when compared to the expense of operating the town and salaries and such, but I think taxpayers would really appreciate it if they could physically see their tax dollars at work.&uot;

Daniel also said she is looking forward to the dedication of a project particularly close to her heart.

&uot;I have worked very hard for several years on making the Daniel-Vann Garden a place where Murfreesboro citizens can enjoy and the hard work has paid off,&uot; she said.

Daniel said she would continue working with her present employer, Quality Home Staffing.

The garden is scheduled to be dedicated on April 24.