A new look

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Today’s edition of the News-Herald is the fourth since we debuted our new look and design.

Hopefully, the new design is easier for you to read and navigate. That was the motivation behind the new look, making your newspaper more attractive and user friendly.

The decision to change some of the pages of the News-Herald was not one made without a lot of thought and planning. The easiest thing to do would have been change the pages around on a Friday and introduce the new looks on a Saturday. Yes, easiest, but it would also have been the worse thing we could have done.

Cal Bryant and his staff of Thadd White, Stephanie Duffey and Barbara Allen spent several weeks trying new designs. David Taylor, our composition manager, played a huge role in the new look of the newspaper. The weather graphic that is now on page two was designed by David. I think it is as impressive as any that I have seen. We shopped various services that offer a weather package, but what David produced beat them all. I hope you find the weather information useful.

We also adjusted the arrangement of our Area Scene section on page two. These briefs are now listed chronologically and should be easier to follow.

We also made a significant change to our Editorial and Opinion page. Each issue you will now find the Editorial page on the fourth page of the newspaper. Besides the columns and opinions that you will find here each issue, we also have a full listing of the staff here at the newspaper. You will also find letters to the editor on this page. We always welcome your opinion and you can make your opinion known by writing a letter to the editor. Instructions are included on the editorial page for submitting your letter.

The Tuesday edition of the News-Herald will now include a full-color full-page food and recipe feature. Besides being an attractive addition to the newspaper, there are some darned good recipes on these pages. Try them. I have and they are all very tasty.

All in all, we made these changes with our readers in mind. Our goal was to make your newspaper more user friendly and attractive. As in all things, there is always room for improvement and we will continue to look for ways to add interesting and enjoyable content to the newspaper. If you have any ideas that you think would make a good story, please let us know. We want to print what you want to read.