SECU opens Murfreesboro office

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 5, 2005

MURFREESBORO – It’s all about the members.

That’s what Dell Aycock, State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Vice President/City Executive for the new Murfreesboro location, says about the company’s recent expansion to the area.

The newest branch, which is located at 837 West Main Street in the Lowes Foods shopping center, welcomed approximately 100 members when it opened its doors February 7.

&uot;We couldn’t believe it, even the cash points generated more traffic than we thought it would,&uot; Aycock said.

&uot;We thought people would be more inclined to go to the existing drive-thru ATM we have in the Food Lion parking lot down the road from here because they wouldn’t have to get out of the car to withdraw money, but ironically there has been a lot of foot traffic at this one,&uot; she said.

Aycock also said the new location had was generating curiosity among others in the community.

&uot;A lot of people don’t know what a credit union is,&uot; she said, &uot;So when they come in and ask us, we have an opportunity to explain it to them.&uot;

Aycock explained that a volunteer board of directors operates the credit union and noted that, unlike other financial institutions, it

is not based on profit.

&uot;With a credit union, all the members are equal, whether they have $25 or $25,000,&uot; she said. &uot;The SECU board gets no financial compensation for their service, so their decisions are made to benefit everybody.&uot;

Another thing that makes a credit union unique is the principle that once you’re a member, you’re always a member as long as you maintain a savings account with at least $25 in it.

&uot;We don’t have customers, we have members. They are our boss and the reason we exist,&uot; Aycock said, referring to the credit union experience as a community of people helping people. &uot;There are times when someone approaches us with a request we simply cannot fulfill, but we try to do everything in our power to help and offer suggestions that will lead them in the right direction.&uot;

She added, &uot;One of the perks of being part of a credit union is that the benefits come back in the form of lower fees and interest rates, so if we do well, it’s because we’re taking care of people and they’re responding.&uot;

The North Carolina SECU, which has been listed as the second largest credit union in the world, provides the same services at all its branches, including the new Murfreesboro location.

&uot;Since we all operate under the same guidelines, members can locate to the SECU facility that is most convenient for them and handle all their transaction there. That’s what’s so great about this new location,&uot; Aycock said.

&uot;People who were driving from places like Pendleton, Boykins, Potecasi and Conway no longer have to travel to Roanoke Rapids or Ahoskie to handle their financial matters, they can come here.&uot;

James Eure, Senior Vice President over SECU in Roanoke Rapids, Windsor and Ahoskie is pleased about that to.

&uot;With a growing number of members, we are happy to have a location convenient for those from the east side of Hertford County as well as the west side of Northampton County,&uot; he said. &uot;Taking care of our members is what we’re all about.&uot;

SECU offers a variety of accounts and programs for all ages, loan services, financial counseling and other special services including competitive term life insurance, long-term care and auto/homeowners insurance, safety deposit boxes and more.

The SECU is open to state employees, local government employees, NC Press association employees and their family members.

The Murfreesboro SECU location is open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For additional information on the Murfreesboro SECU, contact the branch office at 398-5322 or visit your nearby branch office.