Bertie group opposes hunting with dogs

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 28, 2005

WINDSOR – Apparently, there is a movement underway in southeastern Bertie County that wants to abolish deer hunting by the use of dogs.

Earlier this week, Ricky Hughes of the Merry Hill/Midway area of the county addressed the Bertie Board of Commissioners concerning this issue. He presented the Commissioners with a petition, signed by several landowners and/or residents of that section of the county, that requested the use of dogs be prohibited for the purpose of hunting white-tailed deer.

Informing the Commissioners that he wasn’t opposed to hunting deer with dogs, Hughes said, &uot;I’m against the ethics of the way some conduct deer hunting by running dogs.&uot;

Hughes went on to say that there were eight hunting clubs in that area of the county.

&uot;Seven of those clubs support this petition,&uot; he said. &uot;Most of those who signed it were nervous about it in fear of repercussions.&uot;

He didn’t point any fingers or call any names concerning what direction those alleged repercussions would come.

&uot;This whole thing has gotten out of hand,&uot; Hughes noted. &uot;Several folks have been charged with trespassing for letting their dogs run on land where they have no permission to do so. We’re asking you, the Commissioners, to help us out by passing some sort of measure that would prevent hunting deer by dogs in these areas.&uot;

Hughes read the top portion of the petition which is as follows:

&uot;We the undersigned being residents and or landowners of either Merry Hill or Bertie County do by our signatures below hereby request that an ordinance, law or other legislative act be drafted and enacted that will prohibit the use of dogs for the purpose of hunting white-tailed deer in the boundaries of Bertie County.

&uot;The purpose of this petition is to prevent the use of dogs while hunting as they (the dogs) are permitted to roam onto our lands without consent and by such acts are causing a disturbance and a clear trespass without our consent.

&uot;We the undersigned do hereby demand that all such forms of hunting be prohibited (within) boundaries beginning south and east of NC 45 from the Washington County line to Midway and south of US 17 from Midway to the Chowan County line.&uot;

Rick Harrell, Chairman of the Bertie Commissioners, accepted the petition on behalf of the board and informed Hughes they would take the measure under consideration.