Monsters in our midst

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 20, 2004

Who would ever have thought that Hollywood would be behind one of the biggest revivals of all time?

No, I’m not referring to the kind of revival most of us here in the Bible-belt are accustomed to hearing about, I’m talking about the revival of the fatally flawed &uot;research&uot; of a masochistic, self-indulgent, incestuous, pedophile, by the name of Alfred Kinsey whose &uot;scientific experimentation&uot; and hideous &uot;sex crimes&uot; are being touted and even praised as some of the greatest revelations in scientific history. But, nothing is further from the truth.

The movie, which debuted in theatres on November 19 in New York and Los Angeles, is absolutely insidious and grossly attempts to mislead a whole new generation into believing that what this man did was anything but scientific.

I have to admit that I was utterly appalled at even the mere concept of a movie that would voluntarily exalt such philosophies as using children to gratify indiscriminant, selfish sexual desires of misfit adults and even more aghast at the uncut R rating it received, despite explicit sexual content and language, full nudity and close-up shots on genetalia, implied masturbation, a homosexual kiss, encouraged wife swapping and other adulterous behavior and even discussions about sex with animals according to one online movie review.

In doing a little research of my own, I discovered that not only were Kinsey’s studies grievously defective, they were completely abusive and immoral.

In an article entitled, &uot;Kinsey: The man (and the agenda) behind the movie – Part 1,&uot; by Bob Kellogg and Jerry Gramckow, the authors draw our attention to a chart found in Kinsey’s 1948 publication of &uot;Sexual Behavior in the Human Male&uot; that tells how children as young as five months old were relentlessly stimulated sexually until pinnacle, with one table even claiming to have stimulated a four-year old to peak 26 times in a 24-hour period.

Have we as a society lost our minds? Are we so blind that we not only turn the other cheek to such practices, but also actually go so far as to label blatant sexual abuse &uot;science&uot;?

Yet, the movie’s director, homosexual activist Bill Condon, paints Kinsey as a scientist of remarkable intellect forced into studying people’s sexual behavior in a heroic attempt to free an ignorant, religiously oppressed and superstitious generation.

In fact, Kinsey initiated his &uot;studies&uot; based on the belief that children were sexual from birth and used that idea as the catalyst for his atrocities. Although Hollywood masquerades the truth about Kinsey’s character, those who seek the facts will, no doubt, be disgusted. It utterly shocks me, and I guess it shouldn’t at this point considering the vast social changes that we have witnessed just in the last year, that a man who practiced literal sexual torture on innocent children would be allowed to exist outside the confines of a high security prison, much less given funds to support his perverted past-times under the guise of &uot;science.&uot;

In order for studies to be considered accurate, surveys must be taken of individuals selected at random, not those purposely taken from a sample of volunteers in highly populated homosexual cities and prisons, which made up less than one percent of the population, but about one-third of his surveys and studies.

It amazes me that a generation would bite his lie, hook, line and sinker the first time around, but to perpetuate that lie as some sort of heroic truth to subsequent generations is simply revolting.

The sad part is that many people will likely see the previews of this movie and be reeled in by its intrigue. Many will sacrifice principle and fall victim to their curiosity, padding the pockets of an evil empire in the name of &uot;entertainment,&uot; inevitably paving the way for others to cash in.

And what affect will that have on future generations? Morality is already scorned in countless arenas and evidence is mounting that public schools are an increasing target for indoctrinating our children with mixed messages about sex and sexuality.

In a conference, known as &uot;Fistgate&uot; held in 2002 at Tufts University in Massachusetts, homosexual and lesbian guest speakers educated middle school students on how to perform homosexual sex acts and guess whom we can thank for that?

You guessed it, Kinsey. Although not directly responsible for that particular event, his influence was clearly the shoe in that opened the floodgates for such programs to take place.

In fact, the formation of an organization known as SEICUS (Sex Information and Education Council of the United States) was born out of a desire of some of Kinsey’s colleagues to preserve his ideology. Today, the tentacles of SEICUS is evidenced in the &uot;safe-sex&uot; programs being held at a variety of schools in multiple grade levels teaching about contraception and other methods of protection.

Don’t our kids deserve better than that? What kind of person would voluntarily lead impressionable children down a road so riddled with heartache, disease and instability? We need to tell our children the truth. Abstinence until marriage and monogamy is the only real &uot;safe-sex&uot; there is.

We don’t need to raise up another misguided Kinsey generation. If we do, we will be to blame for the runaway train of disaster that breeds Kinsey’s mentality that &uot;religious bigotry and prejudice forces people into chastity, heterosexuality and monogamy,&uot; leaving us no where to go but down. Where else can we expect to go if we unleash the Kinseyan philosophies that all sexual culminations are &uot;outlets&uot; that are &uot;equally valid&uot; regardless of age, gender, species? After all, according to Kinsey, &uot;All forms of sodomy are natural and healthy&uot; since &uot;human beings are naturally bisexual,&uot; and there is &uot;no medical or other reason for adult-child sex or incest to be forbidden.&uot;

If we bite this Hollywood bait and all the destructive lies that accompany it, we will have no legacy to leave our children than a lifetime of walking with monsters in their midst.

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