Garysburg school receives federal funds

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 20, 2004

GARYSBURG – In light of recent Federal legislation that authorized funding for a program to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to students during the school day, Northampton County Schools Child Nutrition Department submitted a grant proposal that placed Garysburg Elementary School among those selected to participate in the program.

The school, which hosted its kick off celebration on November 15, is proud to be one of only 225 schools in the nation to receive funding for this program, according to Carolyn Williams, Child Nutrition Director for Northampton County Schools.

As part of the program, baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables have been placed, and will remain, in the hallways and classrooms for students and staff daily.

&uot;Having the availability of fruits and vegetables will encourage consumption,&uot; said Williams. &uot;Food for thought information will focus on nutrition, health, science and physical benefits gained by consumption and will provide a gateway to help students learn the health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

&uot;Nutritional education will also be taught daily to help students learn of the benefits of a healthy diet of fruits and veggies,&uot; she said.

As one of the states selected to participate in program, North Carolina will receive $905,000 in funds to distribute among 25 schools. Nine million dollars for the program was allocated to the Department of Agriculture to provide eight states and three Indian Tribal Organizations funding for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program (FFVP).

&uot;Garysburg Elementary School’s application was selected because it reflects an innovative plan to include fresh fruits and vegetables and a strong nutrition education plan to help students learn the health benefits of a diet rich in these items,&uot; said Lynn Hoggard, Section Chief for Child Nutrition Services.

Williams attended a training session regarding implementation of the program, which was held in conjunction with the Annual Conference for Child Nutrition Directors, on October 27 in Wilmington where pivotal topics relating to the success of the program were discussed.

&uot;We’re really excited to have been chosen to participate in this program and I think it will only enhance our students’ education and promote healthy living,&uot; said Williams.