Rams pack it all, including the kitchen sink

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 18, 2004

TEACHEY – Beware of flying kitchen sinks.

Northampton County High School – East second-year skipper H.B. Harris promises to hang those signs as soon as he arrives here Friday night for the Rams’ second-round playoff contest with Wallace-Rose Hill.

&uot;I already told someone this week, we’re going to throw everything at them – including the kitchen sink,&uot; Harris said. &uot;We’re not leaving anything in Northampton County. If it takes it to win, here comes the kitchen sink.&uot;

The Rams, seeded seventh in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association 1-AA playoffs, will travel to second-ranked Wallace-Rose Hill Friday evening as they endeavor to continue their unlikely playoff season.

Harris knows the home-standing Bulldogs will be a tough task for his upstart team.

&uot;It’s going to be like Custer riding into Little Big Horn,&uot; he joked. &uot;We know the odds are on their side, the stats are on their side, everything is against us.

&uot;We’re still going to load up and go down there,&uot; he said.

The Bulldogs have tradition, team speed, athleticism and at least two National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I prospects, according to the Rams’ skipper. Add to that the direction of veteran football coach Jack Holley, and Wallace-Rose Hill is a formidable foe.

&uot;We’ve looked at them on tape, we’ve looked at their record,&uot; Harris said. &uot;It will be a hostile, intense, tightly-packed place to play. My best analogy is that it reminds you of Death Valley where Clemson plays.&uot;

The Rams will look to use a game plan similar to the one that helped them upend North Johnston 34-32 Saturday evening.

&uot;We have to shorten the clock,&uot; Harris insisted. &uot;Our mindset is the same as last week – we need to be in a position to win or hold on to the win at the end of the game.

&uot;If we can manage to keep the game close until the end, we’ll flip a coin and let the chips fall where they may,&uot; he added.

They also must be efficient on offense the way they were Saturday. In six offensive drives, the Rams scored four times.

Last week’s win was the first for the Rams in more than seven years in the playoffs and the experience will help them this week. Also, playing in another close game will help.

&uot;Our advantage is that we have been in close games,&uot; Harris said. &uot;We’re not going to be surprised if we’re in a close ballgame. We’re not going to quit.&uot;

The second-year skipper said he wasn’t looking for anything but a win Friday.

&uot;This is the playoffs,&uot; he said. &uot;If we’re here, I have to believe we deserve to be here. We’re not going down there just to look good. There are no moral victories.

&uot;Can we win? Absolutely,&uot; he said. &uot;We’ve been in close game before and if we can keep them in one and maybe get the element of surprise in our favor, we can be there at the end.&uot;

Harris looked back to the first day of practice when the Rams began with &uot;Midnight Mayhem&uot; and said it was a key to continuing to play in November.

&uot;We had to start early, that’s why we’re playing late,&uot; he said.

The Rams travel here to meet Wallace-Rose Hill at 7:30 p.m. Friday night.