Conway firemen outraged

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 6, 2004

CONWAY – There may be a fraud taking place in and around the community of Conway.

Several residents in the town have reported that someone has approached them at home asking for donations to the Conway Volunteer Fire Department.

Conway Fire Chief Joe Barrett stated, &uot;We do not do any door-to-door solicitation.

&uot;These reports are a big concern to me and to our department because we feel someone is trying to take advantage of the residents here,&uot; he added.

The reports of the alleged fraudulent solicitation couldn’t come at a worst time.

This weekend marks one of the department’s largest fund raising events.

&uot;I don’t know if this was planned or if it is a coincidence, but we have one of our largest fund raiser Saturday, and it just seems like someone may have thought this was the perfect time to con folks out of their money, making them think they were donating to the fire department, and in reality, they’re giving their money to someone who is just out to pocket the cash,&uot; Barrett said.

Barrett suggested that if anyone is approached at their home about making a donation to the Conway Fire Department, to tell the person they have already contributed, get as much information as possible – including a license plate number – and then call Conway Police Chief Billy Wayne Duke and report it.

&uot;We [Conway Vol. Fire Department] do not solicit door-to-door and if someone is out there doing this, we need to get it stopped,&uot; Barrett said.

Anyone needing to report this to law enforcement can do so by dialing the Conway Police Department 585-1155 or they can contact the Northampton Sheriff’s Office at 534-2611.